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Griovimo darbai Vilniuje

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Griovimo darbai Vilniuje


Vokiečių gatvė 10-9, Vilnius
Vilnius Vilnius 1130



Musu specializacija - pertvaru, laiptu, sienu griovimas Vilniuje. Dirbame Vilniaus miesto ribose: komercines paskirties pastatuose, privaciuose namuose, daugiabuciuose. Atlike darbus isvezame statybines atliekas, todel pasirinke "Griaunam" gausite visa paslaugu paketa: ir sienu griovima ir atlieku isvezima. Laiptu, pertvaru, sienu, grindu demontavimas yra nesudetingas kai turi patirties ir ziniu griovimo darbuose. Musu komandoje dirba ilgamete patirti turintys specialistai, be to - turime nuosavus kokybiskus irankius, kurie padeda darbus atlikti greiciau ir kokybiskiau. Zinios ir patirtis leidzia darbus atlikti greitai ir kokybiskai!. Sienu griovimas | Apdailos medziagu salinimas | Laiptu ardymas ir griovimas | Grindu betono salinimas.


About Vilnius

Vilnius ( VIL-nee-əs, Lithuanian: [ˈvʲɪlʲnʲʊs] (listen); previously known in English as Vilna, see other names) is the capital and the largest city of Lithuania, with a population of 593,436 as of 2023. The population of Vilnius's functional urban area, which stretches beyond the city limits, is estimated at 718,507 (as of 2020), while according to the Vilnius territorial health insurance fund, there were 753,875 permanent inhabitants as of November 2022 in Vilnius city and Vilnius district municipalities combined. Vilnius is situated in southeastern Lithuania and is currently the second largest city in the Baltic states. It is the seat of Lithuania's national government and the Vilnius District Municipality. Vilnius is known, among other things, for the architecture of its Old Town, one of the largest and best preserved old towns in northern, eastern, and central Europe, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.



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