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Decatur Lawn Service


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Decatur Lawn Service


We are professional landscapers that strive to make your yard the greenest in the neighborhood at an affordable price.


Decatur Lawn Service is a full-service lawn care firm that specializes in Decatur, GA and the surrounding Dekalb County region to present a simple means to help homeowners keep their yard looking great yearlong. We free up your time and eliminate the stress of lawn maintenance by assisting with everything from pruning to trimming to staining. Keeping your yard in excellent shape is what the majority of people see at the conclusion of the evening, though there are typically a great deal of things that go on to correct problems early on and also to help with those jobs which are outside our customer's comfort zone. Because of the terrific climate in Georgia, dealing with your yard is a yearlong job. Our intention is to make that process simpler for every one of our clients and wake up every morning into a great looking lawn. We wish to create a connection with our neighbors so that they are excited about using a small local-owned company to continue to cultivate our regional market and have Decatur continue to become among the greatest places to dwell.



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180 Forest Glen Cir
Avondale Estates Georgia 30002
United States

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